Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Happy Happiness Day :)

Today is International Day of Happiness. Senior Express (http://www.seniorexpress.in) believes that Happiness is the key to healthy, active and productive living. So, be happy and spread happiness around you.

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated this day to recognise the significance of happiness in the lives of people around the globe.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

A Session on Active Ageing with Dignified Seniors

On 19th February 2018, the Founder of Senior Express (www.seniorexpress.in), Dr. Nidhi Mishra was invited by Dignity Foundation, Pune to conduct a session on Active Ageing for its members (60 years and above). She conducted an interactive session with the members, where she discussed about the concept and major dimensions of active ageing through certain exercises, shared some important tips for ageing gracefully and positively and conducted some group activities where the participants were made to play brain games. According to Dr. Nidhi (Gerontologist), brain games are important mental exercises which can keep a mind active and a body fit. She recommends that everyone must do some kind of mental exercises or play certain brain games in order to lead an active and healthy life ahead.

All participants actively took part in the interactions and enjoyed playing brain games and participating in the exercises.

In the end of the session, one of the active members, Mrs. Abha Choudhary gifted a small parsley plant to Dr. Nidhi on behalf of the entire group. Getting such a thoughtful and beautiful gift from an active senior is really an honour for Senior Express and its team.

This post is originally published at www.seniorexpress.in

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A True Philanthropist Who Will Live in Thousand Hearts Forever

Ever since my childhood, the most popular phrase which I have been hearing is “Do good and forget about it”, I hardly came across anyone practising it except my dear uncle, Late Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra who was a true philanthropist at heart and who spread a message of love and empathy by taking care of needy people, hungry and ill dogs and cows and by planting trees so that others can breathe fresh air. He was a middle class salaried man who along with taking good care of his family also spent part of his salary in doing welfare work.

The moment I got news of his sudden demise I was in complete shock as he was highly active and social person, who couldn’t see anyone in pain be it a human being, street animal or even plants. His passing away is not only a personal loss for our family but a great loss for the society as he was actively contributing in the development of the society through his good deeds. I didn’t want to shed all his memories in my mind in the form of tears, so I decided to share some of his memories here so that it can inspire others to work towards the welfare of the society.
I remember in the morning, first thing he use to do after his morning tea was to feed the hungry and ill stray dogs and cows. Whenever he saw any destitute person in need of food and clothes he would never ever hesitate to help him/her in whatever way possible. Almost every month he used to donate clothes and refreshments to needy people in village area. He also sponsored the study of some needy students. He was doing all these great work selflessly and with full commitment. He had further plans to open a school for underprivileged children and a day care center for destitute elderly in his ancestral village.
He was a highly empathetic and caring person who would never ever miss an opportunity to make a moaning heart and saddened soul happy. He was a happy person at heart who wanted to spread happiness around through his actions. Like most of us he was also concerned about his future but at the same time believed in living the present to the fullest. He always believed in leading an active life and I never saw him sitting idle at any place.
He was my favourite Chacha (paternal uncle) who was always ready to cheer me up with his infectious smile, pamper me on my birthdays and make me feel proud of my achievements.  He was also my daughter’s favourite Nana (grandfather) who inspired her to do social work at the age of two by feeding stray dogs and cows.
Last year when he was telling me about his favourite song “Accha chalta hoon duaaon mein yaad rakhna, mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna” I didn’t knew that listening to this song will be so difficult this year. Ever since he passed away, he is being sorely missed by all those people and animals he used to selflessly take care of. For me he was a true philanthropist at heart who will live in thousand hearts forever.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Living Happily & Ageing Gracefully Together

Sharing a beautiful story via Senior Express (www.seniorexpress.in) of Mr. and Mrs. Shah, a 70+ couple from Mumbai. Mrs. Pushpa Shah (70) and Mr. Ramesh Shah (77) have been happily married for the past 50 years. During this period they have experienced various struggles and achievements together which has brought them closer to each other. They are more like friends rather than spouse and share a lot of common interests like acting, singing, dancing, cooking and socializing with people. They are a perfect example of active living and ageing gracefully together. 

Let’s read more about them and their active lifestyle in Mrs. Pushpa Shah’s words - http://seniorexpress.in/social/living-happily-ageing-gracefully-together/

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018

Senior Express wishes everyone a very happy, healthy and productive year ahead.
This year do follow your passion and live life to the fullest like our contributor Mr. Bansal, a 69+ active senior from Noida who is passionate about writing poem and prose. Sharing a beautiful and thought provoking poem which he has written for New Year 2018.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

An Event to Celebrate Active Living

On 9th December 2017 we celebrated Senior Express’s (www.seniorexpress.in) first anniversary with our well-wishers and contributors belonging to different generations.

On this occasion our founder Dr. Nidhi Mishra shared our one year journey with the group along with the upcoming projects. During last one year we focused on our mission of promoting active ageing and negating myths about ageing by sharing inspiring stories of people across India belonging to age group 60+ to 80+ years and are leading active life (http://seniorexpress.in/my-story/). We were also engaged in our mission of strengthening inter-generational bonding by encouraging people across different generations to write and share their views and ideas about different topics related to ageing on our forum (http://seniorexpress.in/forums-2/) and by conducting sessions on building inter-generational bonding and sensitizing the youth about issues related to old age. As Senior Express enters in its second year we are in the process of launching our two innovative projects focusing on our mission of promoting active ageing by highlighting the creative expressions of seniors and by building inter-generational bonding across different generations.

Later, we organised a semi formal discussion on concerns related to healthy living and ways to promote positive living with our contributors and collaborators, professionals and experts working in the area of Yoga & Meditation, Pranik Healing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training, Motivational Speaking, Health & Fitness, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Performing & Visual Arts. It was a productive discussion where the group members shared their views and ideas related to the topic based on their personal and professional experiences.

On this occasion we designed a table calendar which is a small tribute to all our valued contributors who have shared their inspiring stories with us and have thus helped us in promoting active ageing in India. In the end of the session we felicitated some of our contributors who managed to attend the function by gifting them those calendar in which they are featured along with a brief write-up on them. One of our contributors Ms. Primla Hingorani, a 72+ marathon runner, came all the way from Mumbai to attend our programme in Pune. Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi from Pune who are not only a perfect example of active ageing but also an ideal couple and an inspiration for many were felicitated by our youngest team member Avni (2+ years). We missed the presence of Mr. Gandhi as he couldn’t attend the programme due to prior commitment. Mr. Bansal, a retired staff officer (Grade A) from Reserve Bank of India and a true poet at heart couldn’t attend the programme as he is travelling right now. In his absence his youngest son Ashish and daughter-in-law Mouli came to receive the calendar out of their love and respect for their father which was given by our mentor and well-wisher Mr. Ramesh Sood, who is a popular NLP training and a Happiness Coach.

Any anniversary celebration is incomplete without cake cutting so together we did that along with taking a pledge to build inter-generational bonding.

We missed all our contributors and well-wishers across India who were not able to attend the programme. We are very thankful to each of them for being a part of our journey and in helping Senior Express in realizing its potential. We pray for their good health and look forward to their active contribution in coming years.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Session on Active Ageing

On 1st September 2017, Senior Express has conducted a session on Active Ageing for the senior residents of Tuscan Estate, Kharadi, Pune, India. The session was conducted both in English and Hindi by our Founder Dr. Nidhi Mishra, where she discussed the concept of Active Ageing through various exercises and shared certain tips for staying active and ageing gracefully and positively as one moves beyond 60s.

Here are few snapshots of the session.

Read more about the session: http://seniorexpress.in/forums/topic/a-session-on-active-ageing/

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A 70+ Scientist Promoting Yogic Practices for the Betterment of the Society

Sharing another inspiring story (via www.seniorexpress.in) of Mr. Amrendra Narayan Pandey, a 70+ Retired Senior Nuclear Scientist from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India, who is on a mission to promote yogic practices for the betterment of the society.

Mr. Pandey is based in Hyderabad where he is actively running a project called “Spiritual Awareness Programme” (SAP) through which he is creating awareness on yogic practices, its importance in healthy living and its utility to the entire population of the world by exploring the themes of yoga from Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW). Based on his  interest in AIW, spirituality and his background in technology he has developed a spiritual (vedantic) model in association with Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anushandhana Sansthana (SVYASA), Bangalore for the welfare of the society.

Read more about him and his endeavours to promote yogic practices : http://seniorexpress.in/health-fitness/70-scientist-promoting-yogic-practices-betterment-society/

Monday, 21 August 2017

I Plan to Live for 100+ Years through My Active Lifestyle

Sharing another motivating story on Active Ageing via Senior Express (www.seniorexpress.in). This is Mr. Pednekar’s story, who is an 88 year old active and fit gentleman from Mumbai. Mr. Pednekar believes in the philosophy of simple living, high thinking and keeping oneself positive in all circumstances.

Based on his active lifestyle he defines an active and healthy senior citizen as the one who does regular yoga, takes simple and digestive food, spend quality time with younger generation and keeps himself and others happy in all circumstances.

Mr. Pednekar plans to live for 100+ years through his active and healthy lifestyle.Do read his story to know the secret behind his active and productive living — http://seniorexpress.in/health-fitness/plan-live-100-years/

Friday, 11 August 2017

Friends Forever

True friendship is an important determinant of healthy and happy living. On 6th August, on the occasion of  Friendship Day we shared an article to salute the bonding of two 80+ friends, Mr. Goel and Mr. Pandey  who are celebrating 50+ years of  their friendship. They believe that their bonding and love for each other has become stronger with time.

Read more about them and their eternal friendship- http://seniorexpress.in/forums/topic/happy-friendship-day/