Sunday, 9 June 2013

Security of Senior Citizens

Feeling secure both physically and psychologically is a must for leading a healthy and active life for senior citizens. However, many instances of elder abuse and crime against elderly have been reported from time to time. 

Today's issue of Times of India (Mumbai edition) talks about the initiative taken by Mumbai Police towards the protection of senior citizens by doing monthly home visits (,which is no doubt a great initiative.

I strongly wish that Mumbai police should continue with such task for enhancing the quality of life of elderly and sincerely hope that not only in Mumbai but in other parts of India as well, police department should work towards launching special programmes for the protection of senior citizens. One such initiative in recent time have already been taken by Allahabad police department in the form of making senior citizens aware of their rights related to Maintenance of Parents and Senior Citizens Act (

Apart from police department, I strongly feel that family and society have a major role to play in the protection of senior citizens. Hence, we all need to work together for this cause.

Points to Ponder: How secure is our senior citizens?


  1. Ward Officers of Municipality can also be utilized for looking after Elders. If Day Care Centres are provided in each ward with appointed social worker by Municipality/Panchayatiraj Institutions with 90% recurring & non-recurring expenditure reimbursed by Ministry of Social Justice,it would be easy for Ward Officers to look after all Elders of his ward in addition to COP`s monthly visits.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is really a very useful suggestion which can be implemented for the welfare of senior citizens.