Saturday, 4 January 2014

Need for Elder friendly banks

Today morning while going through the newspaper I came across a news which brought a smile on my face. I am glad to know that the city police in Thane has requested the banks to give special preferences to senior citizens for their bank transaction.

This is something which has been in my mind from a long time. I feel that not only senior citizens should be given preference but also a separate counter should be dedicated to them for helping and guiding them as most of them need assistance in carrying out their transaction. For making the banks elder friendly, along with services the infrastructure of the bank also need to be made convenient for elders.

I strongly wish that this issue should be taken up seriously by the banks as a first step towards making the banks elder friendly.


  1. In Saifabad office (opposite Secretariat) of LIC in Hyderabad, the department dealing with retirees (Superannuation, annuities) etc is in the third floor. And you know of Power shutdowns and Lifts going under repair. How can senior citizens climb up?

  2. Thank you for your comment Vyasamoorthyji. This is not the only case, there are several other cases where infrastructure of banks are not elder friendly, that is why I emphasized on the need for having elder friendly banks in this post. I strongly feel that people like us have to raise this issue by forming a pressure group.