Monday, 15 July 2013

Higher Education @ 60+

Post 60 is not only an age for retirement from job, it is a phase for pursuit of hobbies and interest which one has not been able to pursue earlier along with job. For some, such hobbies and interest could be pursuit of higher education like PhD. Though in the West this is becoming popular among 60+, however, in India very few senior citizens choose to go for it, either because they feel absurd to study at this age or they shy in doing so because of being mocked by the society. Like any other mental and physical activity, higher education like PhD too have a positive role to play in promoting healthy ageing, by not only keeping one physically and mentally fit but also psychologically satisfied with life.

For those 60+ who had completed their post graduation and who want to pursue PhD there is a good news, University of Pune is encouraging them to pursue PhD, by exempting them from appearing for PhD entrance test, however it is compulsory for them to be present for the interview by the exam board. Link to the circular published on the University of Pune website-

I appreciate such initiative taken by the University of Pune for the promotion of well-being of senior citizens. Hope that this initiative is well received by senior citizens and helps fulfilling the dreams of those who had a longing to pursue PhD.

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