Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Give some 'ME' time to yourself for a Healthy life

Came across a wonderful work by Tom Hussey: http://www.tomhussey.com/#/SERIES%20%20/Reflections/1

This reminds me of the 8th stage: Integrity vs Despair, of the Psychosocial development theory proposed by famous Developmental Psychologist Erik Erikson. According to this theory this phase occurs in old age, where elderly reflects back on life. While doing this if he/she feels satisfied with life in term of fulfilling one's responsibility and achieving one's goals then he/she experiences a sense of integrity but if one feels dissatisfied with earlier phases of life and regret about something then he/she will experience a sense of despair.

While working with elderly I have noticed these issues.And have also come across some elderly who are fulfilling their hobbies and interests in old age, as earlier they never got time to do so. But as compared to others, they are less in number. Based on my experiences of working with elderly, it is my personal suggestion to everyone that along with fulfilling your responsibilities towards your family and others, give some 'ME' time to yourself, pursue your hobbies and interest whenever it is possible for you. So, that later you shouldn't repent, that you have not been able to do what you wanted to do.

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