Monday, 8 June 2015

In the memory of my Grandfather

This post is dedicated to my maternal grandfather (my Nana), who was 80+ and who passed away on 5th June, 2015. He participated in India’s struggle for freedom in a very young age, though never took credit for it. During his lifetime he was always eager to learn new things, even at the age of 70 he was interested in learning computers, which many people of that age still found difficult to learn in a city like Allahabad. Despite of his health issues he managed to lead an active and independent life fairly well till the end of his life journey. He left this world exactly the way he wanted, peacefully and calmly.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a chance to meet him or talk to him during the last days of his life, therefore sharing some feelings here for him in order to feel a bit better: “I never thought that I am going to miss you so much when you are gone.  You will always be in my mind and heart like a hero, who through his lifestyle made me believe that no matter whatever the situation is, always trust in your own capabilities, rely on your own energies and never force your decisions on others. I wish that this message must reach you wherever you are”

I just pray and hope that his soul must rest in peace.

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