Friday, 23 September 2016

Senior College for keeping seniors active

Nothing can make my day as exciting as this news coming from Williston, United States, where senior citizens are celebrating healthy ageing month by attending senior college (

Such classes have been organised for keeping the elderly mentally involved and fit. Various researches done so far have proved that exercising the body, and the brain regularly, improves thinking and memory skills. It also delays or prevents certain disorders like Alzheimer's.

Appreciating the efforts of the seniors, Jim Stout, Associate Professor at Williston State College said "They learn so much from each other and they appreciate learning from some each other. They don't put it all on me." This reminds me about some of my 60+ active and passionate students at Tata Institute of Social Sciences whom I taught Gerontology in 2014.

As longevity is increasing we need to involve more and more seniors in tasks which can keep them mentally and physically active. Starting senior college for 60+ is one of the best ways to make them learn and share their knowledge and thus keep themselves mentally and physically fit.

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