Sunday, 1 July 2018

Happy Doctor’s Day 2018

Today on National Doctor’s Day, Senior Express wishes all dedicated and passionate doctors a very happy Doctor’s Day as they are the one who are spending an essential amount of their time and energy in the promotion of our health and wellbeing.

On this occasion we would like to thank our active contributor Dr. Ashok Mishra, a 69+ General Physician (MBBS Doctor) from Allahabad. For him his medical practice is not only a profession but also a means to do welfare service towards the disadvantaged section of the society. He has been treating patients since 1975 and for him his profession is an essential part of his life which keeps him physically, mentally and spiritually active.

Every day he travels 120 km by road to see his patients and listen to their problems, personal challenges and hardships. Some of his patients are from the economically weaker section of the society who come for free consultation. He treats them with full dedication and never shows any discrimination against them. He believes that this is a part of his professional social responsibility which instills in him a sense of self fulfillment.

We salute him and other doctors like him who are dedicating their time and energy in the development of the society.

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