Thursday, 10 April 2014

A meet for Social Good

Attended  India + Social Good event in Mumbai yesterday. It was a great experience as it gave me an opportunity to listen to the experiences of various change-makers who are really doing great innovative work for social good in our society. It also gave me a platform to interact with like minded people working on various social issues.

Though, the topics covered in various sessions such as social media,health and innovation, development of cities, climate and energy and other developmental issues were generic, however they were relevant in the case of senior citizens too. I would request the organizing committee especially the UN Foundation to include specific issues related to senior citizens too in future.

With the population of senior citizens reaching around 104 million in India, promotion of their health and well-being has become an important issue for most of us. So, in future if such event are held I would appreciate if issues related to senior citizen's health, economic security, second career, human rights are also covered for the promotion of healthy and productive ageing in India.

I wish such initiative must go on, so that people like me can get an opportunity to meet like minded people around the world both in person and through Social Media.

Would like to request all those reading this post to please give your vote on various social concerns which matters to you on : I have already given my vote! This is a great initiative by United Nations towards making the world a better place to live.

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