Monday, 3 April 2017

A Walk Friendly Environment is a Must for an Active and Healthy Living

Nothing can make a day more fulfilling than a comfortable walk near one’s home. Walking and running are not only an useful exercises to keep a person physically fit but it also plays an important role in keeping a person mentally relaxed and active.

In today’s world where life has become hectic and stress has become a part of our life, having a walk friendly environment is a must for all generations. A walk friendly environment is the one which has open spaces for walking, jogging and other fitness related activities.It is also near to important destinations like shopping complexes, medical Facilities, Gym, Salon and Places for worship which are an important part of resident’s life and having all this in their neighborhood gives them a peace of mind.

Particularly for senior citizens having a walk friendly environment is a must as it motivates them to walk in their neighbourhood and keep themselves active.A recent study, conducted at the Gerontology Research Center of the University of Jyväskylä,Finland highlighted that walk-friendly environmental design may provide opportunities for physical activity in old age ( Similar to this in my PhD work an Elder Friendly Environment (which gives ample opportunities to senior to lead a physically and mentally active life) emerged as an important theme for active and healthy ageing.

A walk friendly and an elder friendly environment is a must for promoting healthy living and active ageing in any society. This is the reason why many assisted living facilities, retirement townships and residential complexes are choosing this kind of environmental model so that their residents can enjoy a comfortable stay there.

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