Sunday, 16 April 2017

Good News for Senior Citizens by Indian Railways

Recently I came across two good news for senior citizens by the Ministry of Railways. They are as follows:

1. Indian Railways will secure lower berths for women and senior citizens in trains by not allotting seat number to anyone even if the ticket is confirmed. (For details:

2. The Ministry of Railways has withdrawn implementation of Aadhaar based ticketing system for senior citizens. So now senior citizens can book tickets without Aadhaar card. However, they have to carry alternate documents for identity proof during their travel. (For details:

I am sure both the steps by Indian Railways will not only bring some relief to seniors but will also make their train journey relaxing.

Mobility is an important issue in old age so if seniors will have access to comfortable travel by public transportation system then it will definitely contribute towards promotion of active ageing in India.

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